What's in them?

The base ingredients for the marshmallow are: Sugar, Pasteurised free-range egg white, Light Corn Syrup, Bovine Gelatine and Salt.  We then flavour them with fresh fruit purees, freeze dried fruit, natural extracts and cram them full of chocolate, cookies, nuts, alcohol and more. To see the full list of ingredients for each of our marshmallows, please go to the shop and click on the flavour to see the relevant product page.

Food Allergy Concerns or Dietary Restrictions?

Many of our products are gluten free and this will be mentioned in each product description.  All of our marshmallows are made in the same facility, using shared equipment.  We take precautions to minimize cross-contamination but we can’t rule out contact with wheat, milk, and nuts. All our marshmallows contain egg white, as they are French inspired recipes. We use beef gelatine so if you’re a vegetarian then these probably aren’t suitable for you.

Production & Shipping

We don’t start making your marshmallows until after you order them.  We’re really serious about this so we ask that you give us 2 – 3 days before we ship your order.

Delivery is free for any order totalling £16 or over, otherwise postage is charged at £3.50 for delivery by Royal Mail first class postage.  If a faster delivery service is required please get in touch for a quotation.

Payment & Returns

You can safely use most credit and debit cards when making a purchase on Mallamour.co.uk.  The website uses PayPal to process your payment but you DON’T need a PayPal account in order to do so.

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase – but if something isn’t right, please contact us as soon as possible so we can do our best to fix things.

Storage of Products

In order to maintain their freshness, your marshmallows should be stored in a cool, dark place like a pantry or cupboard (max temp 21oC).  Marshmallows don’t like direct sunlight so this should be avoided at all costs.  They should not be refrigerated.  After you open the bag, keep the marshmallows in an air-tight container for maximum freshness and consume within 3 days.  Unopened, they can be kept for 3 weeks from when you receive them.  As is normal with any type of marshmallow product, your marshmallows will harden with time and exposure to air.

Custom Flavour & Packaging Options

We would love to work with you to create custom flavours and packaging options for your special celebrations and events. Mallamour marshmallows make amazing wedding or shower favours, dessert table centre pieces, and corporate gifts. Email us at hello@mallamour.co.uk or call us for more information.


We’re always looking for awesome farm-shops, boutiques and retailers who would be interested in stocking Mallamour marshmallows.

If you’re interested in partnering, contact yamini@mallamour.co.uk